Human Accent is part of The Accent Group, where our purpose is to create a world where everyone wins.

We are guided by a set of unwavering values that drive our actions and enable us to make a positive impact on individuals, organisations, and communities alike. At the heart of our endeavours lie our core values—Bravery, Curiosity, Connection, Building, and Compassion—serving as the bedrock of our commitment to excellence and compassion in everything we do.

Human Accent stands tall as a premier Talent Search and Management Consultancy. We possess an unwavering focus on unlocking the true potential of the talent in your business. We are talent hunters guided by meticulous attention and innovative approaches. We specialise in the end to end management of the talent life cycle from talent acquisition, talent assessment and mapping, succession, development plans to talent analytics needed to measure real success.

At Human Accent we want to go further. Build more. Connect more. Build with business leaders in creating connected people communities that contribute in powerful ways. Build employees that know that being great is being the best version of themselves. Build employer brands that burn in the minds of the markets they operate. Build digitally insane platforms for workforce connection and talent analytics. Connect leaders to their people and people to their leaders. Build the highest form of contribution – connection.

Work with us as we take your business on the talent journey it needs to build capacity and sustainability for the long term.

Compassion plays a significant role in creating a positive and supportive work environment and fostering meaningful relationships with employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Taking calculated risks, embracing change, and confronting challenges with courage and determination. Driving innovation, growth, and adaptability, making it a crucial aspect of successful and progressive businesses.

Connection emphasises the importance of building strong, meaningful relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the community. This focus on connection creates a positive, supportive business environment – leading to higher employee engagement, customer loyalty, and long-term success.

At Human Accent, we are dedicated to constructing and developing various aspects of the organisation – with a focus on growth, improvement and sustainability. This involves investing time, resources and effort to create a strong foundation, expand capabilities and foster progress.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone wins.

Our mission; empowering organisations and ensuring that people and communities thrive through an innovative and agile approach to attraction, retention and management of talent.

As a team of talent professionals, we strive to offer tailored solutions that inspire, create the right environment that reflects the company’s culture, but also equips the business with the tools it needs to build and sustain its talent in a competitive market.

Human Accent was founded by Bernadine Symonds in 2017. Over a 20-year period, Bernadine has worked cross spectrum HR holding Senior Management and Executive roles across manufacturing, renewables, retail and facilities management. Bernadine has also held Brand and Transformation roles allowing for a deep understanding of how the strength of the Employer Brand builds a business. The passion to attract talent and keep loyal and talented tribe members that are in it for the long haul.

Mark Symonds, who assumed control of the business in March 2021, brings over 30 years of extensive corporate experience. He understands the importance of talent management in business today. His diverse background includes roles in Talent Management, Key Accounts, Solutions, Implementation, Operations, Managing Director, consulting and Advisory Services.

Mark has worked across various sectors, including Government and PPPs, Property, Energy, Corporate, Retail, Waste & Environmental Management, Hospitality, Industrial, Mining, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Municipal Township Management, Urban Renewal, and waterfront developments.